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What You’ll Receive In 30-Day Free Trial

1.  24 hour access to a community that understands you and cares

You aren't alone if your loved one made a mistake and in prison for that. Learn how to stay strong and act strong.

2. Live Q&A sessions with Andre Norman

In this session, get eye-opening insights from Andre & others for your questions and concerns .

3. Access to our video library

Valuable content uploaded to provide you with important and uplifting information.

4. Motivation help for yourself and your love one

Life is hard for people who have loved ones in the prison system. That's Cafe of Hope will be that community that cares and support you through this tough journey.

5. Mentorship opportunities

There will be opportunities for you to take what you have learned from Cafe of Hope and help others. Become a mentor to those who are dealing with the prison system.

6. Access to our facebook group

Be able to communicate with those in the community and also get updates from Andre Norman.

7. Access to the #1 Prison success Story and how he became it

Andre is no stranger when it comes to transforming bad situations into impactful destinations. You get to connect, ask questions, and learn directly from him.

8. Support for yourself

Discover the true possibilities for yourself with the help of others in this community supporting you the whole way.

9. Advance info on Andre's live events

- You will be the first to know of Andre's trainings, events, and more!

10. Access to live stream trainings by other experts

- Andre will bring other experts to give advice on how to positively handle your situation. Get great insight from those who has much experience dealing with the prison system.

11. Live Q&A with Andre's mom, sisters & families on how they helped him

- Get the insight directly from those who supported and loved Andre during his time in prison. Learn how his loved ones got through that journey with him.

12. Welcome video from Andre

- Get off to a great start with an introductory video from the Ambassador of Hope himself. 

And Much Much More

How Café Of Hope Works

1. Build with

A Powerful Community

- Cafe of Hope not only provides life-changing mentorship, but also the ability to connect with those who are committed to helping others and improving themselves. This community gives the environment required to grow ! We can't wait to connect with you, Start Today !

2. All-Access

Members Area

- Get access to our videos, mentor calls, lessons and more anytime you want! New information always being uploaded in the members area, so get started today with us !

3. Join with

The Ambassador of Hope

- With over 21 years of experience, Andre knows first hand the journey of inmates and their families. He's no stranger when it comes to transforming bad situations into impactful destinations. Join Cafe of Hope and start your transformation with Andre today!

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